Episode 2
Airdate 20 October 2006
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Barbershop is an episode of The Upside Down Show.

Characters Present


After visiting the "Very, Very Hairy Room," Shane is apprehensive about getting a haircut. David and his blanket, Bob, help Shane get to the barbershop.


  • Bob, David's blanket, debuts in this episode.


  • The Voice: And now Shane gets a haircut for the very first time!
  • Bob: HELLO?!
  • The Voice: Now Shane don’t you look smart
  • Shane: Well, thank you
  • David: And me.....and me
  • The Voice: Those scissors are wee bit small, this could take some time.
  • The Voice: Could you please press the blow-dry button on your remote?
  • David: Would you mind pointing the remote at Shane pressing the up button please?
  • Shane: To tell you the truth I'm a little apprehensive.
  • Shane: Okay, could you press the right side up button?

Wrong Rooms

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