Episode 5
Airdate 25 October 2006
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Camping is an episode of The Upside Down Show.

Characters Present


Shane and David need to find a place to sleep because their rooms are too noisy.


  • The Bugle Man seen in the Wake Up Room later appears in the episode Marching Band.
  • Spencer's Gifts disco lights were used to light up the room in the lullaby scenes.
  • It Took 10 hours to start the episode.
  • This is the only time the upside down button is featured without the right side up button.


  • David: Action fingers are asleep.
  • Shane: But we are still awake.
  • David: That's not gonna work.
  • All: Wake up action fingers!!
  • David: Happy sleeping
  • Shane: Your what?
  • David: My Boo-Zhah-Zhah Knock.
  • Bob: Bedroom's gone.
  • Shane: Again.
  • David: Excuse me sir could you please stop blowing that horn we're trying to sleep!!!
  • [Shane in slow motion] Aaa-choo!!!
  • [Zia giggles]
  • David: Pause. Ooh. Horizontal dance.
  • Zia: What does that look like?
  • [Shane vocalizing the music]
  • [David and Zia giggle]
  • David: Pause

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