Marching Band
Marching Band
Episode 9
Airdate 6 November 2006
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Marching Band is an episode of The Upside Down Show.

Characters Present


Shane and David are selected to join a marching band. They are excited to play their instruments, but cannot find the marching band.

Wrong Turns


  • The bird in the Sky Room references the song "Imagine" when he says, "No ground below us, only skies."


  • Puppet: I'm stuck to the ceiling guys.
  • David: Shane?
  • Shane: Yeah?
  • David: Have you been smearing honey on the ceiling again?
  • Shane: Maybe
  • David: I know could you press the unstuck button on your remote?
  • All: Whoa!
  • David: No, that's the upside down button!
  • Puppet: Oh
  • Shane: Could you press the right side up button please?
  • Shane and David: Thank you
  • Puppet: I'm still stuck to the ceiling.
  • David: Oh could you press the unstuck button please?
  • Puppet: Whoa! I'm still okay
  • Shane: Ooh string broke
  • Shane: It's coming through this door
  • David: Knock knock
  • Shane: He knocked knocked
  • The Voice: Come in it's not locked.
  • Shane: I think you pressed the cancan button.
  • David: Could you just press the stop button please?
  • Shane: Yeah.
*David: But whatever you do don't press the... 
  • Shane: ACCELERATE BUTTON!!!! Press the decelerate button Oh. Thank you
  • Shane: Now just press play
  • Shane and David: We're falling through the sky!!!!!!
  • Shane and David: Musical chairs!
  • Shane: Musical drawers
  • David: Musical table?
  • Shane: Musical door
  • Instant Replay Narrator: Look at those determined little feet, marching. Left, right, left, right - brilliant technique. I've not seen legwork like this since the Belgians in 1969, when they marched over a double decker bus.
  • The Voice: Now it's time to say goodbye to the band and head home.
  • Shane: You pressed the do si do button.

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