Mrs. Foil
Mrs. Foil
Name Mrs. Foil
Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance Movie Theatre
Last Appearance Mini Golf

Mrs. Foil is a major character in The Upside Down Show.


Mrs. Foil is the friendly neighbour of Shane and David. She often appears in the wrong turn rooms that Shane and David accidentally visit. She has been shown to have several different jobs, such as a pet store owner (in Pet Shop) and an ice cream salesperson (in Ice Cream Truck).


Foil has blonde hair. She normally wears a bright pink business suit with a ladybug pin, neon stockings and high-heeled shoes.


Mrs. Foil appears in every episode of The Upside Down Show.


  • In Pet Shop, it is revealed that she has a male pet cat named Elizabeth.
  • Julie Andrews was originally offered the role of Mrs. Foil.
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