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The Upside Down Show is a live-action comedy show produced by Noggin LLC and Sesame Workshop. It is hosted by two brothers named Shane and David, who live in a strange apartment building with their sidekick Puppet, their neighbor Mrs. Foil, and a group of fuzzy creatures called the Schmuzzies.

According to Blink Films' website, "Shane and David are imagination in motion, producing mesmerizing and humorous visuals never before seen on children’s television. Whether they are being controlled by the audience via an imaginary remote control or trying to recover a trumpet from Fido the invisible fly, the brothers have a hilarious and completely unique style that is riveting for all ages."

The Upside Down Show

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The show's planned finale, The Upside Down Movie, started production in 2008. The newspaper Sydney Morning Herald reported that filming was scheduled to start in 2009, but due to a lack of financial support, the filming never happened. As of 2019, the creators are still willing to make the movie and are trying to get the money to make it happen.

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Do you want to see more of the show? If so, did you know that the creators finished an entire script for a movie finale called The Upside Down Movie? If that sounds like something you want to see, please let the creators know on their Facebook page!


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The Schmuzzies

The Schmuzzies are main characters on The Upside Down Show.


The Schmuzzies are small, fuzzy creatures who live in the apartment with David, Shane, and Puppet. They can only speak "Schmuzzish," a language where English words have a "sch" sound added to the beginnings of them. They have a talent for singing and playing the marimba. Their favorite thing to do is make up rhyming words. They are also known to like dust bunnies and get easily distracted when they see some dust. David loves the Schmuzzies and acts as their good friend, translator, and mentor. He carries a Schmuzzish-English dictionary with him at all times and says that he studied Schmuzzish part-time for seven years.


The Schmuzzies come in all kinds of colors and shapes. Most of them are spherical, while some are oval-shaped. All of them have two black, beady eyes and a large black mouth.


The Schmuzzies have appeared in every single episode of The Upside Down Show. Their first appearance was in Movie Theatre. Their last appearance was in Mini Golf.

Featured Episode


Art Museum

"Art Museum" is the third episode of The Upside Down Show. It aired on 31 October 2006.


After finding no place to hang his newly-created masterpiece, Shane (along with David) searches for an art museum to hang it in.

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